Recently there have been increasing inquiries regarding the PÄLZER HELL.
First of all, the festival is still there!!!

Thanks to the fuckin "C" pandemic, a lot of things were slowed down sharply, but things have been going well again for a while now.
However, the high private wealth of those primarily, Heiko Axel and me, is not an accelerator either.
In addition, there is the time-consuming and nerve-wracking "house building project" of my colleague/friend/drummer from Souldevourer/sound engineer/technical manager PH/University employee & father which is of course also a big obstacle.

Not to mention the many official bodies that are all trying to make such a concert even more complicated with applications, contracts, insurance from the community, city, fire department (fire protection laws alone will kill you), GEMA, etc. ...

First of all, a suitable new location must be found, the former venues in Otterbach and Erfenbach are not available / not manageable for us!
first contacts have already been established, so as not to endanger the project, there is no concrete information here. I also ask you to refrain from making suggestions, which is what we ask in case X.
Of course the whole thing is in the Palatinate, otherwise it wouldn't be Pälzer Hell!

So the story runs in the background and two points should be noted:

NO PH2024!!!!

But we are giving everything for a new edition in 2025!!!!
When exactly, how, where, what etc... everything is still up in the air.

I will keep you up to date!!!